Clackamas Community College

W E L C O M E !

Hello and Welcome to Spring terms Math 111-08,

the Online section of College Algebra 


I am Kurt Lewandowski and I will be your instructor. You can call me at 503-594-3329, or email me at  My office is in Streeter 117.



Be sure to do the following items in order:


1)  Be sure to read the Course Syllabus carefully!  This includes a calendar to establish a minimum pace in order to complete the course by June 10th.  This can be found at my website:


2)  Create your MyMathLab/CourseCompass account.  Instructional Videos, examples, all of the required homework, and the Tests,  will be done in a great web-based program called MyMathLab (MML).  You will find it to be very helpful in learning the material, along with reading the textbook.  I suggest that you take a quick tour and click the “Take a Tour!” button. 


You have the option of purchasing a new textbook bundled with the MML student access code from the bookstore, or purchase a MML access code online and make use of the online ebook (exactly the same book and available to all students within the program as a PDF). Simply click HERE, and follow the instructions for registering for the first time as a student, enter the “Course Code” ( lewandowski65079 ), then tell them that you “Do not have an access code”. You can purchase it right there online with a credit card. You can use the link : Registering in MML  to help you get started. 


3)  Every week you will complete a homework assignment by Thursday at Midnight.  And then be required to complete an online Homework Quiz by Midnight the next day, Friday.   You will also be expected to make weekly postings in the Discussion Board.



Like all other classes, you can’t expect to be successful unless you plan on setting aside specific time each week to work on the material.  I strongly suggest that you work well ahead of schedule right away while the material is partly review.  Be sure to contact me right away if you have any questions or need help.  You can certainly come into see me so that I can work with you one-on-one If you have Technical/Computer issues, contact MyMathLab Tech help right away!